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As an Owner builder, you are the principal contractor, and you are solely responsible for ensuring that the site you manage is maintained in a safe way suitable for subcontractors to work on. An OBA specialist will attend site and complete regular inspections with the owner to ensure relevant safety regulations are met.


You will need to coordinate and manage the project to ensure all works are completed to an acceptable standard and ensure that all subcontractors used are qualified to provide you with relevant certification of works. Generally speaking, subcontractors require supervision to ensure adequate workmanship is achieved


Subcontractors need day to day management to ensure works being undertaken meet the approved design. At OBA, we hone in on specific trade works to ensure precise design requirements are met. Ensuring works are completed as per design prevents unforeseen dilemmas throughout the construction process which could be costly to the owner.


Successfully planning and programming your project is the most critical part as an owner builder. Staying ahead of current works and ensuring following trades are organised and prepared will save a lot of time and money. OBA will provide you with a programme of works for your project with regular status updates to ensure you are across upcoming works and have relevant trades lined up.